Grey Hamsa smudge bowl & large white sage

Grey Hamsa smudge bowl & large white sage

This grey terracotta smudge bowl features a stunning Hamsa design on the front. Smudge bowls are used for burning herbs or holding lit smudge sticks whilst they burn.

The Hamsa hand has various meanings throughout the many cultures and religions in which it is represented. Its most universal symbol is that of unity and protection, and in every representation, the Hamsa hand is a means of protection from evil.

H10cm x W13cm x D13cm

This set includes large 22cm white sage smudge stick.

Sage has been traditionally used in native nations in North America for generations. It can be used as incense or for smudging which is a practice of clearing negative spiritual energy and restoring or maintaining energy purity.

This sage is salvia apiana and is sourced in California from a sustainable supplier.